Xtreme Waste Food Waste Collection Trials Underway

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Xtreme Waste Food waste Collection Trials are Underway

 Every Monday morning Xtreme Waste worker Adam Marten drives around 100 houses in a block of streets in Raglan West looking for  lockable food waste bins  that people have put out with their recycling and rubbish bags as part of this trial.  Adam records how often people are using the service and how much food waste they are donating.   Xtreme Waste is really impressed by the great use of the service.  People are using all the equipment properly and giving us all the right stuff.  

 Adam tips the food waste, contained in biodegradable corn starch bags, into a miniskip bin and then drives back up to the Recycling Centre to use it in our composting trials.  Xtreme Waste is trialling two composting methods for the food waste.  One method uses freshly mulched green waste wrapped around the food waste to achieve temperatures of 70C degrees and kill harmful bacteria and weed seeds.  The other method is using millions of tiger worms that love turning warm compost full of food waste into wonderful worm castings that are very nutritious plant food. 


In October’s Enviromatters in the Raglan chronicle, we’ll let you know how the composting trials are going and some information about the new garden products we’ll be making.


The Xtreme Waste Team

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