Time Banking in Raglan @ Whaingaroa Environment Centre

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It's about time! Timebanking in Raglan

Forwarded from WEC

It’s time to get together and talk about timebanking in Raglan!

Thursday, Oct 27th, 7:30pm

@ WEC (Town Hall, Bow Street)

After last month’s discussion  at WEC on alternative means of exchange, several  folks expressed interest in developing a timebank here in Raglan. We all agreed that timebanking would be a great way to build our community.

Time banking is a system of alternative exchange, literally banking and trading units of time. Members share their skills and are given time credits, which they can then ‘spend’ to ‘buy’ someone else’s time for a service that they need. For example, I could teach yoga for one hour to Sue, giving me a time credit which I could redeem by having Joe walk my dog for an hour. Then Joe could perhaps get someone to help him repair his fence, and so on and so on..

Time banking emphasizes a community’s wealth, especially in non-market skills like home help, listening, etc... Just think of all the possibilities!  Time banking also build the community by establishing strong relationships. Here in Raglan, we have a wealth of beautiful and talented people. This is a way to utilize and share our talents and skills, right here in Whaingaroa!

Check out Lyttlelton’s timebanking page at www.lyttelton.net.nz/timebank

If you are interested, come down to our chat on Thursday. WEC will  have Paul Murray (an experienced timebanker just back from the timebanking hui in Lyttlelton) and several others keen to take the next step!

Please FORWARD this on to anyone who might be interested.

If anyone wants to bring some bikkies, we won’t turn ya down =)

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