Recycled Raft Race 2012

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Kia Ora Raft Race Folk - here is some key information

Registrations Close at 11am Saturday 10th March (schools please make sure that your registrations have been sent in by Friday, along with signed disclaimer forms), everyone else if you can get your registration in by Friday that would be great - don't forget, we are limited to 20 rafts so you may miss out if you register too late.

Judging and Safety Checks will starts at 11am, so please make sure you are checked in by then and with your raft for judging and safety checks, this is when we will looking for the best raft, best dressed etc  and asking questions about your raft.

Please gather for the race at 11.50am

Race starts promptly at 12 NOON

Please note - you must have an approved and correctly fitting lifejacket, NO heavy clothing, jeans or boots. 

Rafts must be solid, float, no bits that can come off in the harbour, no polystyrene and you must take them home with you !!

Registration and disclaimer forms can be downloaded at or we can email them to you.

Please email them back to or fax 07 825 5374

Any questions call 

Lindsey 0277 151516


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