Congratulations WHAINGAROA 75% of your resources were saved from landfill

Posted 11 years, 8 months ago by Jacqui and Paul, Xtreme Waste    2 comments

Congratulations Raglan, once again in 2011-2012 we have diverted 75% of Raglan's solid waste stream from going to landfill. This rate is consistent with previous years and is considered high by international standards.

Astonishingly, exactly the same number of landfill bins as the year before (10/11) were transported to Hampton Downs Landfill, 126, that's 3,780 cubic metres.

The total weight however was reduced from 1267 tonnes to 1076 tonnes, that's 191 tonnes less than the year before. This suggests on average the bin weights for the 2011/12 period were lighter. That's a 15% decrease.

The total volume of product diverted for recycling also experienced a slight reduction from 12,007 m3 in 2010/11 down to 11,388 m3 in 2011/12, with the respective weights being 1326 tonnes & 1056 tonnes. That's a 20% reduction in our recyclable product. This big reduction can also be attributed to a more accurate data collection system for wood and greenwaste this year, which was likely to have been slightly overstated in the 10/11 year. 

The highest single product was cardboard, accounting for 36% of all diverted product. 

Congratulations Whaingaroa on this great result, as we work towards zero waste. Ka mau hoki to koutou wehi!

Noho mai i raro i nga manaakitanga o te runga rawa

Jacqui and Paul


11 years, 8 months ago
You guys are my heroes
11 years, 7 months ago
Awesome result and more confirmation that Ragland is one of the leading towns in the world with one of the only harbors regenerating I believe. I look forward to the figures being even better in the near future assuming the success of the new food scraps collection trial currently underway!!

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