How To Reduce Your Coffee Cup Waste

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Everyday tens of thousands of takeaway cups are thrown into the rubbish ending up in the landfill.


Having one takeaway coffee a day creates 10 kilos of waste a year BUT it doesn't have to. These days there are some great REUSABLE alternatives to the throw away cup and some coffee places will offer a discount if you use your own cup.

Have a look at some of the options below. 

Moving forward to zero waste


Based in Lower Hutt, Wellington, IdealCups are the first New Zealand-made barista standard reusable coffee cup. They look and feel a lot like your standard takeaway cup and fit nicely into cup holders in your car. They also come in lots of different colours. There is one size and it retails for $15.


Keep Cup, a Melbourne-based company, were the first to introduce a barista standard reusable coffee cup in New Zealand. They look cool, feel nice to hold and come in 4 different sizes. You can even design your own cup colours. Retail price is $15-21.



Another NZ-based company, CuppaCoffee, have recently had their cups popping up around the place. The cups have various designs and a slightly taller than the IdealCups so may have trouble fitting under some coffee machine heads. They are a bit like a thermos, with a thick insulation layer. The retail price for each cup is $12.95.



Sold in various shops in New Zealand, the Eco-cup is a single-walled (i.e. non-thermal, so it gets hot to touch) porcelain cup with silicone lid and sleeve. It is larger than all the other cups listed above and doesn’t fit under the coffee machine head, so good for those of you with a big thirst but a bit annoying for the barista. Retail price is about $20. 


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